Agriculture industry linkages in the economy of jammu and kashmir essay

A ceasefire was agreed on 1 Januarysupervised by UN observers. Cultivation in Ladakh is restricted to such main valleys as those of the IndusShyokand Suru rivers, where it consists of small irrigated plots of barley, buckwheat, turnips, and mustard. How precisely does this all tie into the concern of instruction.

The sex ratio is relatively poor, about females per 1, males at the census, lower than it was in the census females per 1, males. Having used largely shrimp for come-on.

During s, Western technology was introduced and it also under took an belligerent program in Exploration sector of Pakistan. Believe it or non. According to the official, the supply of high-speed diesel and other petroleum products is being hurt because of increasing dues to be paid by power companies.

Agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir (Explained With Map and Statistics)

It does non take excessively long after reaching to get down to understand the manner of life there — cameras are mounted everyplace. In the s construction got under way on a rail link between Jammu and Baramula via Srinagar near the northern end of the vale. Hydel Power and Energy Resources: National Refinery Limited NRL is a petroleum refinery and petrochemical complex affianced in the manufacture and supplies of asphalts, BTX, fuel products and lubes for domestic expenditure and export.

The lakes and rivers also provide fish and water chestnuts.

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Economy Agriculture The majority of the people of Jammu and Kashmir are engaged in subsistence agriculture of diverse kinds on terraced slopes, each crop adapted to local conditions. Inthe land classification was, however, revised. There are ideas and resources but no one supports to have new development.

Internationally, crude oil and all major refined petroleum products are traded. Oil is passes through two processes both are listed below: Pikes Peak is what the vocal is all about. It contributes about 65 per cent of the state revenue which explains the overdependence of the state on agriculture.

The legislature consists of two houses: Nevertheless, its independency maybe confined by the rules and regulation which more often than not established by the ministry itself. As of June 30,the remaining confirmed recoverable assets of PPL consisted of 4. In its upper reaches the river is flanked by gravel terraces; each tributary builds an alluvial fan out into the main valley.

The net cultivated area has been plotted in Fig. In the course of breeding programmes, a new breed of sheep known as Kashmiri Merino has been developed with known body weight average about 54 kg at the age of two and a half years. Debate over accession[ edit ] The primary argument for the continuing debate over the ownership of Kashmir is that India did not hold the promised plebiscite.

Snowfall often is accompanied by rain and sleet. This is one of my favourite topographic points to travel. Fei and Ranis and others emphasized the function of agribusiness merely as a primary provider of pay goods and natural stuffs and abundant labor supply to industry Johnston and Mellor.

A government official claimed recently that the government charges Rs Satyasai and Viswanathan found that the end product snap of industry with regard to agribusiness has increased from 0. NRL stands to be the second largest refinery of Pakistan in term of crude oil handing out capability and the only lube oil refinery of the country.

The production linkages fundamentally arise from the mutuality of the sectors for run intoing the demands of their productive inputs. The first ranking crops of the state of Jammu and Kashmir have been plotted in Fig.

Future Legislation Home Markets: The proportion of old fallow and current fallow is 0. Handicraft manufacture is also important in Ladakh, particularly the production of cashmere shawls, carpets, and blankets.

An examination of Fig. Oil refineries and gas distribution companies are to pay over Rs. High oil prices resulted in high transportation charges and expensive energy.

Other minerals include limestone, coal, zinc, and copper. From 10, to 12, feet 3, metresbirch is dominant, and above 12, feet there are meadows with rhododendrons and dwarf willows as well as honeysuckle.

If the present trend in the growth of population continues, the cultivated land available per head of population will be just half to that of the present one after 25 years.

Analysis of Pakistan Industry

India being a preponderantly agricultural economic system and an agro-based industrial construction. Key words: Econometric analysis, economic development, intersectoral linkages, agriculture, industry and services, Jammu & Kashmir JEL Classification: Q16, Q13 Inter-Sectoral Linkages in Jammu & Kashmir Economy — An Econometric Analysis13 Econometric Analysis of Inter-Sectoral Linkages in Jammu & Kashmir The pattern.

Chapter 1 Economy of Kashmir Since 3 The Jammu and Kashmir state cannot compare with Great Britain.

Jammu and Kashmir

Read this essay on Agriculture Industry Linkage in the Economy. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". agriculture industry linkages in the economy of jammu and kashmir a synopsis submited to school of economic devi ahiliya university for the.

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Agriculture industry linkages in the economy of jammu and kashmir essay
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