An argument in favor of the mandatory bicycle helmet law in the united states

The referendum also included an unpopular no-smoking law. Surely they would do little to encourage the dead, while imposing considerable costs of access on the living. One of those ways is patronage; the other is copyright. In a poll of cyclists conducted by the non-profit IAM, ten percent of the respondents said they would quit cycling if a mandatory helmet law were enacted.

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Nanticoke police reported the following incidents: In this Norwegian study concluded that there are complex issues in determining how much risk compensation cyclists might do when they use helmets, but that "The use of [a] bicycle helmet as such does not seem to be related to either accident proneness or speeding.

In Australia, bicycle helmets are mandatory in all states and territories for all ages. Ontario's helmet law for cyclists under 18 took effect in They simply insisted on weighing the costs and benefits of a new right, each expansion of scope, each lengthening of the copyright term.

Mandatory bicycle helmet laws in the United States

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Or stuff that cannot be owned—a human being, for example. A Canadian study showed that bicycle usage remained constant after helmet laws were adopted in two provinces. Paye is collected through payroll and includes income tax, as well as national insurance. Skull fractures are not contagious.

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Bicycle helmets in the United States

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We would support provisions for medical exemptions based on a doctor's certification or religious requirements for headgear. The reasons are obvious enough.

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You can find the latest on that with this Google search. Bicycle helmet laws by country InTransport Secretary announced that government had no intention of introducing mandatory helmet law, based partly on "international views that a mandatory requirement may lead to a reduction in cycling activities." United States: Varies by state.

This page contains the Argument topics for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE® General you take the test, you will be presented with one Argument topic from this pool. In Australia, bicycle helmets are mandatory in all states and territories for all ages.

Compliance is high but varies by area, with some cities over 90% and rural areas much lower.


Mexico City briefly adopted a mandatory helmet law, SafeRoute Connection has a list of motorcycle and bicycle helmet laws. Here is a copy of the letter sent to Heritage High School families about a law enforcement action adjacent to the school today.

Any additional information about the incident would be released from the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

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An argument in favor of the mandatory bicycle helmet law in the united states
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